Curriculum & School Performance Tables

Our Ethos

At Loxwood School, we have developed a happy and caring environment where everyone feels secure and respects others, their property, culture and beliefs. 

Our School environment encourages all children and adults to discover their talents, to flourish and to achieve their full potential.

Loxwood School children develop lively and enquiring minds, working both collaboratively and independently as we prepare them for their future.

We support the children by teaching them skills and concepts to persevere and confidently apply them to practical and problem-solving situations. We also create an atmosphere where everyone can experience a sense of wonder and recognise, appreciate and celebrate beauty and creativity.

The National Curriculum

While providing all the opportunities your child needs to learn and achieve in English and Maths, the children also receive a broad and rich education in the humanities and the arts.

Term 1 focuses on DISCOVERY, when your child learns the skills of being a historian. This encompasses the progression in skills through the school for History, but also includes the work of scientists in the past and their impact on our current science curriculum.

Term 2 focuses on EXPLORATION, when your child learns the skills of being a geographer at home and in other parts of the world.

Term 3 focuses on CREATIVITY, which is particularly evident across the school including drama and choir performances.    

Discovery, exploration and creativity are clearly displayed in classrooms and we regularly discuss them with the children. 

Our Aims

The curriculum at Loxwood Primary School is designed to enthuse, challenge and encourage our children to develop both their skills and understanding in every area of the National Curriculum. We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that has the individual child at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that our curriculum enables pupils to foster a love of learning, develop life-long skills and engage in first-hand experiences that challenge, stimulate and promote their thinking. The central aims of our curriculum are to:

  1. provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and to achieve;
  2. to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life
Through a well-planned and organised lessons, effectively taught by qualified, enthusiastic and committed teachers, pupils are helped to:
  • Develop the essential literacy and numeracy skills they need to learn
  • Develop the attitudes, understanding and skills to become successful, independent learners
  • Work toward achieving their potential
  • Develop lively enquiring minds
  • Develop personal values, qualities and attitudes and be respectful other people and their views and opinions
  • Foster their creativity
  • Develop appreciation and concern for the environment
  • Work co-operatively with others
  • Gain a joy and commitment to learning that will last a lifetime

In line with statutory requirements, the children are formally assessed at the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) and at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6 SATs). The results of Key Stage 2 assessments are published by the government and are available on the link below.

In addition to these end of Key Stage tests, the teachers use on-going formative assessment to ensure that the planning continues to be appropriate and challenging on a daily basis. This assessment takes many forms including marking, discussing work with the children and reading age tests. Teachers use statutory frameworks to determine how children are progressing through the National Curriculum in comparison to national expectations. This detailed information is analysed regularly to ensure every child is making good progress and if they are struggling; to identify how we can support them as quickly as possible.

School Performance
To access more detailed information about school performance and how we compare to other schools click on the link below