First aid and Medical Information

Medicines in School.

We will only administer medication in school if:

It has been prescribed by a Doctor, is in the original packaging and with the pharmacy label on it.

Paracetamol / ibrofrofen and anti histamine if you have signed a consent form, if we feel it is necessary to enable your child to remain in school and  no more than twice in a 2 week period for the same symptoms.

Trained staff will oversee the administration of the medication which has been supplied by the parent.

Inhalers and other portable medical treatment

It is the parent’s responsibility to supply the appropriate medication and ensure that it is in date. A medical form must be completed.  Inhalers are self-administered.

Two inhalers and a spacer must be supplied,  all of which must be named and kept in the medical room for use as required. A trained member of staff will oversee the administration of inhalers. 

During off-site activities it is the parent’s responsibility to supply their child with the relevant medication and hand to the First Aider.

If larger essential medical equipment is required for school trips such as portable nebulisers, then the parent must supply the equipment to the school in a bag that is named and the machine/unit is complete and ready for use.  The parent/guardians should note that the school cannot be held responsible for loss, damage, maintenance of any piece of equipment.

Epi-pen – Trained staff can administer an Epipen. Two epi-pens must be on-site; one should be situated in the classroom of the individual concerned, and the other in the medical 

Sun Protection

It is imperative that all children are protected against the sun. In the summer months, children must be provided with a sunhat. Sun cream should be applied before school, you can buy sun cream that is designed to last the whole day. If your child is able to apply their own sun cream, they are able to bring it into school and top it up during the day.