Forest School

Forest School is an opportunity for children to experience nature and the outdoor environment in a safe, secure and hands on way.
At Loxwood Forest School, we aim to encourage within the children an appreciation of the natural world. They are able to play, learn and develop through activities, exploration and games. They learn that all children are:
  • equal, unique and valuable
  • competent to explore and discover
  • entitled to experience appropriate risk and challenge
  • entitled to choose and to initiate and drive their own learning and development
  • entitled to experience regular success
  • entitled to develop positive relationships with themselves and other people
  • entitled to develop a strong, positive relationship with the natural world.
When the children are in Forest School the variety of activities include:
  • developing the deep respect that occurs when children are exposed to the awe and wonder of the natural world
  • learning about; the seasons, native birds, animals, mini-beasts, flora and fauna, trees and hedgerows
  • learning about; different habitats, bio diversity and how importance balance is
  • understanding the impact locally and globally we can have on the environment.

Summer Term Forest School Dates

On your child’s Forest School day they can come to school in their Forest School clothing for the whole day, please ensure they are wearing long sleeved tops and trousers – even as the weather gets warmer. They will also need suitable footwear, e.g. wellies and a rain coat. As summer arrives a sun hat or suntan lotion is also advisable.

Wednesday  14th March  Year 4

Wednesday  21st March  Year 5

Wednesday  28th March  Year 6

Please take a look at what we have been doing during our Forest School sessions