Oak Class - Year 1

Week 3- W/C 18.1.21
Topic: Earth Explorers
Text: Meerkat Mail
There you will find...
-Our Weekly Timetable
-Printable resources. 
-Every day there will be a "Good Morning Check" in video for you to watch and to introduce the learning for that day. 
We look forward to receiving your work that you upload to your child's Tapestry Journal, where we will gladly give you feedback and encouragement! 


If you have ANY questions or concerns, please let us know by phoning the school or emailing year1@loxwoodschool.com.


Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs Pinder, Mrs Harder, Mrs Hounsham and Mrs Deck.

Click on our 'Sport' Page (at the bottom of the 'Our School' page) to find Mr Green's challenge!
We have been practising the Set 1 and Set 2 sounds (from Read Write Inc) and are now working our way through Set 3 sounds.
We have looked at the sounds:
Set 2 sounds
 "ay-May I play?"

"ee-What I can I see?"

"igh-Fly high."

"igh-brown cow."

"oo-poo at the zoo."

"oo-look at a book."

"ar-start the car."

"or-shut the door."

"air-that's not fair."

"ou-shout it out."

"oy-toy for a boy."


Set 3 Sounds

"ea-cup of tea"

"oi-spoil the boy"

"a-e-make a cake"

"i-e-nice smile"

"o-e-phone home"

"u-e-huge brute"

"aw-yawn at dawn"

"are-care and share"

"ur-nurse with a purse"

"er-better letter"

We also look at the tricky words from Reception and Year 1.
Expectations for Home Learning
We just wanted to reassure you all that we know that remote learning is far from easy for children or you and that everyone's home circumstances are different. Many of you will be juggling laptops and iPads with each other and desperately trying to get your own work done too, or caring for younger siblings.
Although we are planning for learning to be completed each day, you will need to do what fits in with your home situation. The most important aspects to focus on would be reading (phonics if your child is sounding out words mostly when reading), a bit of maths where you can and some writing, if you can squeeze it in (weekly if that works for you). It doesn't have to be exactly what we have planned at all, but it is there for you if you want it. Although  we are happy to reply to emails daily, we don't want you to feel the pressure of sending work in every day as it could become a full time job for you!
Children are resilient in their learning and things will be revisited again, as that is how the Primary Curriculum works. The most important thing is your child's wellbeing and that means your wellbeing too!
We have started practising writing in a cursive style.
We use the website "teach handwriting" to do this.
Please click on the link below if you would like to look at this.
We have also attached a document showing the cursive style we do. We hope it helps.
The letters we have covered so far are
Week beg-14.09.20- i, l and t
Week beg 21.09.20-x and z.
Week beg 28.09.20-c and a.
Week beg 05.10.20-d and g.
Week beg 12.10.20-q and o.
Week beg 19.10.20-e and s.
Week beg 2nd Nov-r and v.
Week beg 9th Nov-w and n.
Week beg 16th Nov- m and h.
Week beg 23rd Nov-b.
Week beg 30th Nov-p and u.
Week beg 7th Nov-j and y.
Oak Class Welcome Meeting
Download the full powerpoint in the link below. You will need to do this to watch the required videos
Internet Safety 
Please find some important resources on internet safety below. It is really important to practice e-safety, and with an increase in internet activity during home learning, it would be useful to familiarise yourself with these resources.
Oak Class 2020
We are so glad you are visiting our class page to find out more about our lovely Year 1 class. Here you will find our termly topic web which outlines all of the fantastic learning and experiences we will be having together this term. There is also phonics and spellings that our Year 1's should try to practise as much as possible and by the end of the year be able to read and write all of them!
We are a job share so Mrs Harder teaches the class on a Monday and Tuesday, Mrs Pinder teaches them on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We have two lovely Teaching Assistants who help us, Mrs Deck works on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Hounsham works Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 
PE days are alternate Mondays and Thursdays, as well as every Wednesday. We kindly ask that all kit is names and sent in for these days.
We will hear your children read individually as often as we can. We may not always write in the Reading Record as we keep our reading comments of children in a classroom based file which is then used as evidence when we come to asses the level they are working at. If you would like a new book to read together at home then please put the book inside the purple reading record and place it in the blue tray at drop off time. This book will be changed with your child and put in their reading folder by the end of the day.
We are always here for you so please do get in touch via the school office email messages@loxwoodschool.com and one of us will get back to you via phonecall. We are always happy to answer any questions or support with any home learning.
We look forward to getting to know all our lovely families more over the coming year.
Best wishes, Mrs Harder and Mrs Pinder.