Our Aim

The Loxwood Way

Collaboration    Perseverance    Happiness

Our School Rules

Be kind and respectful towards each other

Always try your best

Look after the school inside and out

Be a good friend

Always have a positive attitude

This is achieved through:

  • Creating in school a happy and caring environment where everyone feels secure and respects others, their property, culture and beliefs;
  • Providing a stimulating environment which enables both children and adults to discover their talents and achieve their full potential in whichever direction that might be;
  • Preparing the children for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences for the adult world, so that they may ultimately become responsible members of society and contribute to it in a valuable way;
  • Fostering independence in order that children may develop lively and inquiring minds
  • Creating an atmosphere where all can experience a sense of wonder, recognise, appreciate and celebrate beauty and creativity;
  • Teaching children skills and concepts, in a climate which provides them with as many opportunities as possible to apply them to practical and problem-solving situations;
  • Ensuring that the children understand the need for a healthy life style acquired through a sensible diet and continuous physical development;
  • Making each day interesting and enjoyable and promoting a sense of pride in belonging to the school;
  • Forming a partnership with parents so that the education of their children becomes a shared and enjoyable responsibility;
  • Ensuring that children understand the purpose of their work and are committed to it;
  • Ensuring that the children have the foundation skills needed throughout their lives, to become caring members of society.