Behaviour & Relationships

Behaviour and Relationships 


We have 5 core values that are at the heart of our curriculum and contribute to 'The Loxwood Way'.  These are:


Resilience  Collaboration  Creativity  Curiosity and Kindness 



Behaviour is of a high standard here at Loxwood and we work hard to ensure our children learn why positive behaviour is such an essential part of life.  Everyone models the behaviour we expect from our school community, including visitors and volunteers.   


Loxwood Learners Code: 

  • We are kind, helpful and polite 

  • We work hard and try our best 

  • We listen to others and respond kindly 

  • We look after each other and our environment 

  • We are a good friend 

We use the following code as a basis for our behaviour across the school.  Children know that if they follow the Loxwood Learners Code, they earn class rewards. Each class decides on their own reward system at the beginning of each year; marbles in a jar, leaves on a tree, etc.  After earning a set amount, they are rewarded with a class treat such as a pyjama and film afternoon, disco or own clothes day.  This enables children to know that making the right choice is rewarded.   

We use the following codes to support children’s behaviour and enable them to make the right choices: 



For demonstrating excellent learning behaviour or choices 
Role Model 


For making good choices and following our Loxwood learners code 
Ready to Learn 


This is where we expect children to start each day/session 
Time to Think 


A chance to think about how to now make the right choice 


A time to reset the previous behaviour 


Each class has a folder with the above categories and all children’s names.  If a child is moved for making a right choice or wrong choice, the adult takes the child to one side to discuss with them and move their name.   

For more information on behaviour please read our Behaviour Policy.

Growth Mindset: 

We teach our children how to learn through growth mindset.  This enables children to understand what makes a good learner and how we can understand our own learning.  The following values underpin our growth mindset learning: 

Resilience   - if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again!  Learning to persevere with tasks even when they are hard, knowing that we learn from mistakes and that mistakes are a way to think more creatively  

Collaboration – understanding the power of working with others, listening to others opinions, learning how to work as part of a team, respecting others views. 

Creativity – learning to think outside the box, coming up with different solutions to a problem 

Curiosity – asking questions about the world around them and what they are learning, investigating, enquiring, looking at different ways of solving a problem 

Kindness – understanding the importance of kindness 


Relationships and Health/Sex Education – RHSE: 

At Loxwood, we refer to Relationships and Sex Education as RHE.  RHE as a subject, teaches children about the different physical, social and emotional aspects of growing up, relationships and sexuality. It aims to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge they need to have safe, fulfilling relationships, take responsibility for their sexual health, and feel secure and happy in their sexuality. It also helps them to develop resilience, independence and self-esteem. Our RHE curriculum is taught across all year groups and is age appropriate.  It encompasses: 

  • Families and people who care for me 

  • Caring friendships 

  • Respectful relationships 

  • Online relationships 

  • Being safe 

For more information on RHE, please see our RHE curriculum guidance for parents and carers.