Sycamore Class - Year 4

Sycamore class teacher is Mrs Oldfield and our TA is Mrs Mayne.

Hello and welcome to the Autumn term in Sycamore class. I hope you all had a lovely time over the holidays and I can’t wait to hear your news.


This term we will be Discovering and our topic is The Stone Age to the Iron Age. As Historians, we will be finding out all about the early people and how they lived, worshipped, ruled, and survived.


In Science will be looking at and finding out all about Rocks and Soils. We will learn facts about the three different common types of rock and how they were made. We will also be learning about what is in the soil under our feet!


In English we are writing about Stone Age hunter gatherers, we will spend time researching and exploring their everyday lives before creating our own diaries, recount and stories. We will be using the book The First Drawing to inspire our writing.


In Maths we will be learning about Place Value and numbers. We will also be continuing our weekly times tables and arithmetic tests.

I have attached our topic web (below) so you can look more at what we will be learning about in each subject.


PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. 


  If you have a query or concern, please talk to me at school pick-up, or preferably you can get in touch via the school office by emailing and I will get back to you via a phone call or email as soon as I can. I am always happy to answer any questions or support you with any home learning.

Below are the links to your new Topic Web and your new Homework Grid.
Here are your termly spellings with all the weeks listed. Please make sure you are using the correct group spellings.
This terms spellings are also in Spelling Frame by week.
Accelerated Reader: please find below all you need to know about Accelerated Reader, if you haven't got the information from last year.