Lateness & Absence

Late and Absence


We know that there will be times when your child is late arriving at school, you are late picking them up or you would like to take them out of school. 


What to do if your child is going to be late:


Arriving late to school:

If you know in advance, please ring the school office to let us know so that we can mark it in the register and let the class teacher know.  If however, you arrive after the school gates have closed, please take your child to the school office where they can sign them into the register.  Registers are taken at 8.45am and any child arriving after this time, will be recorded as late.  As per the government guidelines, any child arriving over 30 minutes after the close of registers, 9.15am, will be recorded as unauthorised for that session.


Arriving late to pick up from school:

If you know in advance, please ring the school office to let us know so that we can let the class teacher and your child know and hang onto them either in the classroom or school office, until you arrive. If you are going to be later than 3.30pm, we will put your child into Woodpeckers until you arrive.


If you are late and we do not hear from you or cannot get hold of you, we will hold onto your child in the school office until 3.30pm and after this, we will put your child into Woodpeckers.  You would be charged for this session if it happens more than once.  We will make our way through your emergency contact numbers to arrange for someone to come and pick up your child.


Absence from school:

We know that there will be times your child may be absent from school due to sickness.  We ask that you contact the school office as soon as possible to let us know that your child is unwell.  You can do this via  Please see our information regarding medical issues.  


Our expectation is that children have at least 96% attendance each year.  We have an Attendance and Punctuality Policy that outlines our expectations around attendance at school.  This explains clearly the procedures for parents and carers who would like to request absence from learning such as holiday requests.  No holidays, under any circumstances at all, will be authorised and any holidays taken during term time that are 10 sessions (5 days) long, will be referred for a Fixed Penalty Notice fine (FPN). 


There are 190 school days per year.

There are 175 non-school days, including weekends, per year.

80% attendance over a child’s school life is the equivalent of missing two whole academic years.


If you do want to make a request for absence from school for your child, please follow the link to the Absence from learning Request form below.