Wellbeing Ambassadors

At Loxwood, we have a school environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

In February 2023, we introduced a team of pupil Wellbeing Ambassadors to support the school. These children (in Years 2-6) are chosen by their teachers to represent our core value of kindness and for their ability to spread positivity. Good mental health and wellbeing helps our children to learn effectively, cope with day-to-day challenges and develop into resilient young adults.

The Wellbeing Ambassadors work with Mrs Swann, our Learning Mentor, to understand how to help the children and staff around the school to feel their best.

You can spot them in school wearing their Wellbeing Ambassador badges.

We have started our 2023-24 school year by thinking about our hopes and dreams.  Every child in the school has decorated a feather and we have put them together to make a huge pair of wings for our hall display. 

Take a look at our Wellbeing Ambassadors, taking the lead and believing they can reach their dreams and fly high!

Our Wellbeing Ambassadors are currently working on plans for an area within the school grounds that they have identified for use as a Wellbeing Garden.  
In the Autumn Term (2023), they put together their ideas and drew some designs.  In the Spring Term, they worked with the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to put their ideas into action by writing to local businesses to see if they can help fund the buying of plants, seeds and equipment for the garden.  They have also created a Mood Board to explore how they would like the garden to feel.
Now it is the Summer Term, and we hope to have a fully functional Wellbeing Garden, full of scented, colourful plants, where the children can come and enjoy connecting with nature by the end of July!
We have become a member of the RHS Campaign for School Gardening and aim to make a start on earning the five School Gardening Awards for our school.

Our Wellbeing Ambassadors are continuing to work on the ways they can help improve the wellbeing of everyone around us.  Here are some of their ideas:

  • Buddy bench
  • Music
  • Wellbeing garden
  • Looking out for people, checking they are safe and happy
  • Sending positive messages to others or giving compliments
  • Smiling and saying thank you
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Assemblies
  • The Story Club 

We meet once a month to discuss our ideas, to be creative and to see how things are going.


What is the role of a Wellbeing Ambassador?

  • To be a positive role model
  • To promote happiness and peace in our school
  • To help our children to feel safe
  • To welcome new children and staff to our community
  • To be kind and caring towards others
  • To support those who may feel lonely or upset
  • To follow and promote our school values
  • To attend regular meetings with Mrs Swann/Mrs Mellors

What are the aims of the Wellbeing Ambassadors?

  • To develop a positive mindset across the school to improve the mental resilience of our community
  • To reduce the risk factors that may affect wellbeing

The Ambassadors will be focusing on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing (researched and developed by the New Economics Foundation) and linking these to Loxwood’s 5 School Values:

  • Connect - Social relationships are critical for promoting wellbeing and cohesiveness (Collaboration).
  • Be active - Regular physical activity is associated with higher rates of wellbeing across all age groups (Resilience).
  • Take notice - Taking time to enjoy the moment and the environment around you directly enhances your wellbeing (Creativity).
  • Keep learning - Continued learning through life enhances self-esteem and encourages higher levels of wellbeing (Curiosity).
  • Give - Individuals who show a greater interest in helping others are more likely to regard themselves as happy (Kindness).