Our PALs are the Parents At Loxwood Association.  Every parent or carer becomes a member of PALs when they join the school.  The PALs fundraise for the school to buy equipment we cannot afford from our normal budget.  This could be subscriptions such as Tapestry or Eschools or resources such as our ipads or new library.
The PALs committee is made up of parents and carers and consists of two Chairs, a Vice Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer and then general committee members.  The PALs meet regularly to arrange different events.
Currently the PAL's are fundraising to pay for:
  • new iPads and laptops
  • a new activity trim trail around Humpty
A huge well done to our PALS for the very successful events they have run so far in this school year!
Current Vacancies:
Co-Chair - Vacant
Secretary - Vacant
Treasurer - Vacant