Chestnut Class - Year 6

Chestnut class teacher is Mrs Webber.
Mrs Tedd works alongside us in the class.
Home Learning
Hello Everyone!
Our home learning format is changing a little bit as we begin to get back into school. This is so that the learning in school and at home is the same. Each FRIDAY I will upload the home learning for the following week, in daily chunks. In school, this will be carried out each day. At home, you still have some flexibility as to when you do the tasks. 
Personal logins for Spelling Frame are available and I will continue to set weekly lists. I know lots of you are really enjoying the games and your spelling is improving. Email for your login details.
White Rose Maths continues to be our focus although from Friday 5th June we are skipping forward to match the dates on their website. This week we are revising algebra! You will find the worksheets and answers below here, on our class page, as they can no longer be accessed through the White Rose Home Learning page. There are also MyMaths tasks linked to this learning for you to have a go at.
We are still waiting for some of your portraits for the school rainbow gallery, so please have a go. It's not too late!
Of course if you have any queries about this please email us on the class email address. 
Mrs Webber and Mrs Tedd xx
White Rose Maths: Home Learning Summer Term Week 4
Worksheets and Answer Sheets
Home Learning Suggested Daily Timetable
Please open the document to read Ms Kitson's lovely message!
NEW! Homework Grid
Whole School Song
The lyrics of this song, which you probably remember, are perfect as our whole school song. 
Click on the image to listen to it and sing along at home.
We can't wait to sing it all together when we are reunited again.
Year 6 Home Learning Gallery
Have you completed something you would like us all to see?
Have you taken a photo of your 3D model?
Just send it to our class 6 email address and it will be uploaded here.
Emotional support during Coronavirus
This website has a host of free resources to support you emotionally during the virus.
We suggest you look particularly at:
1) Coronavirus 14 day self isolation activities
2) We are at home right now
3) Social contact
4) Our school is closing for a while
Useful Websites
White Rose Maths Problem of the Day
Here are lots of daily challenges for you. The orange problems are the easier ones and the blue are aimed at KS2/3 which is YOU! Enjoy!
Calculator Crunch
I used these last year in class, after the tests. Hopefully there will be more for us to use this year, but in the meantime here is the link to the 2019 set. They are great fun!
Daily Maths with Carol Vorderman
Elevenses with The World of David Walliams!
Listen to a free audio story every day.
Do you fancy a sing?
Click on this picture from 'Out of the Ark' where you, and the family, will find lots of songs to sing and activities too!
Here are some highly recommended books to read if you need inspiration: