Meet Our Governors

The Governing Body of Loxwood School consists of five parent governors; one local authority governor; one staff governor; one Headteacher and four co-opted governors.
Our full membership consists of 13 committee members.
The Term of Office is for three years and this instrument of government came into effect on the 1st September 2015. 
As of November 2019, the committees of the Governing Body are:
Learning Committee
Polly Kitson  (Temporary Chair)
Lizzie Maclean
Ele Cushing
Georgie Hunter
School Business Committee
Roger Newman (Chair)
Pippa Harder
I El Moghraby
People Committee
Fiona Gibbons (Chair)
Wayne Schofield  
Beth Evans
Co-Chair's of the Governing Body are Wayne Schofield and Ibi El Moghraby 
How to contact the school governors......
If you have a question or general enquiry, we would really like to hear from you.
Our dedicated governor email is
We look forward to hearing from you.
Register of Pecuniary Interests November 2019
Governors have completed the annual requirement to declare any relevant business interests and any relationships between governors and school staff including spouses, partners and relatives.
 R Newman is a member of the Parish Council.
  • Ms Polly Kitson

    Headteacher - Governor as from September 2016. Voting Rights

  • Mr Ibrahim El Moghraby

    Co Option Governor. Co-Chair of the FGB

    Term of office ends November 2022. Appointed November 2016. Voting Rights

  • Mr Wayne Schofield

    Parent Governor , Co- Chair of the FGB

    Responsible for Safeguarding. Term of office ends December 2022 . Appointed November 2016. Voting Rights

  • Mrs Fiona Gibbons

    Co-opted Governor - Chair of People Committee. Responsible for Early Years, Personal Development and Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

    Appointed July 2012. Term of office end July 2021. Voting Rights

  • Mrs Ele Cushing

    Co Option Governor

    Appointed December 2018. Term of office ends December 2021. Voting Rights.

  • Mrs Beth Evans

    LA Governor Term of office ends March 2020. Voting rights

    Appointed March 2017. Term of office ends March 2020. Voting Rights

  • Mrs Pippa Harder

    Staff Governor - Elected by the school staff

    Elected staff governor. Term of office ends November 2018. Voting Rights
    Appointed November 2016

    On maternity leave at present. Mrs Webber (Teacher) is standing in for Mrs Harder.

  • Mrs Georgie Hunter

    Parent Governor

    Newly appointed December 2019. Term of office ends December 2022. Voting Rights.

  • Mrs Lizzie Maclean

    Co Option Governor

    Appointed December 2018. Term of office ends December 2021. Voting Rights

  • Mr Roger Newman

    Co Option Governor

    Appointed December 2018. Term of office ends December 2021. Voting Rights.

  • Mrs Hannington

    Clerk to Governors

Governors who have stepped down within the last twelve months:

(Term of Office for Staff Governors 2 years and the Headteacher is when in post, all other governors are 3 years)

August 2020

James Harrup-Brook  Parent Governor 2/12/19 - 19/08/20

July 2020

Jo Anderson   Parent Governor  21/6/2017 - 31/7/2020

November 2019

David Harbottle  Parent Governor  May 2015 - November 2019

Andrew Tedd  Associate Governor  January 2017 - November 2019

September 2019

Peter Klein  Co Option Governor  October 2004 - September 2019

March 2019

Dylan Swart    Co Option Governor  December 18 - March 19

July 2018

Michael Wheeldon  Co Option Governor.

June 2017

Sylvester Vince-Odozi  Co-Option Governor  October 2016 - June 2017

March 2017

Judy Kitchener  LA Governor  April 2004 - March 2017

November 2016

Parent Governors:

Steve Holden  May 2015 - November 2016

Simon Bates November 2012 - November 2016

Paul Hulstaert  July 2013 - November 2016

Carole Winter who was a staff governor September 2012 - November 2016

August 2016

Tim McMath, Headteacher  March 1997 - August 2016

December 2015

Mike Cope LA Governor  November 2002 - December 2015

June 2015

Nathan Palmer  Parent Governor November 2010 - June 2015




My skills meet the expertise currently required by the school in the following ways: As an airline pilot, safety is a core function of my profession. As a parent I understand how important the safeguarding of our children is. I have a management degree and my current job also involves HR and strategy.

I have a long term commitment to the school with one child in year two and another starting in 2018. I am frequently around during weekdays, consequently I am able to engage with both parents and teachers during the school day.

I have a sound understanding about how the school and governance operates and I have developed a good rapport with the other governors.



My family and I moved to Loxwood in 2015, just in time for our eldest to start school. He is now in Year 1 with our youngest in Young Explorers. I can't wait to see them blossom and grow in Loxwood over the years to come.

My own primary school education was in Africa, I then spent my secondary school years in Yorkshire and I went to university in Nottingham. My experience of these different environments, styles and attitudes towards education has shown me how important it is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for learning. I volunteered to be a governor to help Loxwood School achieve that for my children and those moving through the school before and after them and I am really excited to be involved.

I have been working for a large corporate for most of my professional career where I have led teams of more than 250 people. A big part of my role is motivating my team members to do their best at work while enjoying themselves, without it encroaching on their personal lives. I also do a lot of coaching and mentoring and I am hoping to bring all of these use all of the experiences to positively contribute to the governor committee and school generally.


JO ANDERSON (Chair of School Business Committee)

My daughter Emma is currently in Year 3, having been at Loxwood since Reception.

I've been involved with the PTA, primarily focused on Treasurer activities, since Emma joined the school.

I'm a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser. I worked for many years in Public Practice advising clients of all sizes, from owner managed businesses to international groups. I currently work for a global financial services group as a Corporate Tax Director.

Given my financial experience, involvement in the PTA and interest in the ongoing development of our school, I feel I've got some key skills to add to the Governing Committee.


FIONA GIBBONS (Chair of People Committee)

I have been a Community Governor for the last 3 years. I was previously Vice Chair of the Parish Council and am currently a member of the Loxwood Neighbourhood Plan Working Group. I am a chartered surveyor by training and more recently have become involved with project management work.

My own children are 19 and 21. When they were young I was a committee member of the school PTA and class rep. My youngest is dyslexic and so I understand the journey that parents begin with a diagnosis such as this. He is in his final year at Plumpton College studying agriculture and much to all of our surprise wants to continue his studies next year at Harper Adams University. He was the child who hated school other than when he was on the sports field. My eldest is in his third year at medical school. We never imagined that he would be clever enough to study medicine but a sports injury in his A level year focused his attention on study rather than rugby. Children develop in their own time, but do get there in the end with the right support

Each governor is allocated a class and mine is the Young Explorers. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading with them and seeing them develop and grow in confidence over the last academic year.



I am married to Rev Greg and we have a soon-to-be 3-year old attending Loxwood Pre-School. We moved to the area a few years ago and, having completed a secondary languages PGCE in our first year of marriage, I was keen to be involved in our local school from the start.

I have loved visiting Year 2 weekly across three cohorts now, mainly supporting children with their reading, but also helping with forest school, being part of invigilating their SATs and assisting with other day-to-day classroom subjects such as Maths.

I have had teaching experiences both in this country and abroad in France and Uganda, so I am familiar with several different school environments. I have experienced first-hand the importance of a strong school vision and am excited to be a part of putting that vision into practice in this school through my role on the board of governors.

Having recently joined the Loxwood Pre-School Committee, I am keen to strengthen relationships between the pre-school and primary school with the purpose of easing the transition for children progressing from one to the other.

As the local vicar's wife and devoted member of the village church, I am also keen to maintain the strong link we have between the local school and church.
I also bring to the table some business skills, having worked in Publishing (selling children's books in fact!), prior to starting a family.

Finally, I am eager to use my own recent experience of mental health problems following the birth of our son for the benefit of children with mental health concerns in Loxwood School. Mental well-being and support is at the forefront of current educational affairs, and so I am passionate about ensuring that we are adequately supporting children in this area at Loxwood School. 



I have lived in Loxwood with my husband, Richard and our three children since 2011. We absolutely love the village and all that it offers! I am currently a Reception class teacher and have 16 years’ experience of teaching across Early Years, Key stage 1 and 2.  This year I’ve started my Level 2 Counselling Skills qualification with the intention of beginning my masters next September. I am delighted to be given the opportunity to offer my support to Loxwood School and I’m looking forward to spending time with the staff, children and parents, as well as getting to know the school better.      




I am really excited to have been elected to the board of governors. I cannot wait to start working with my my fellow governors, to help and assist the staff in providing the best possible educational platform and surroundings for all our children. I have built a career as a senior leader in investment banking. Because of this I have a full and in-depth understanding what what it takes to achieve success in a extremely complex, highly scrutinised and very demanding environment. I sincerely hope this experience and the skills I have learnt on my journey will be able to add value to Loxwood School and all our children’s journey through it.



I have recently moved back to Loxwood, the village where I grew up, and my youngest daughter has joined the school in Year 5. I am currently a teacher in Year 1 and part of the school leadership team and I am hoping that the knowledge and expertise that I have gained through 17 years of teaching across the primary age range will be useful in my role as governor. I am looking forward to supporting Loxwood school and playing a part in ensuring that every child reaches their full potential.