Willow Class - Year 2

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Welcome to the
Willow Class Page
Hello, my name is Mrs Rolland and I am very excited to be the teacher for Willow Class! Thanking you for dropping in to our Class Page to see what we are getting up to in Willow Class!
Week Beginning 11th January - HOME LEARNING below. 
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Hello there Wonderful Willow Class! Well done for joining in with our learning this week. It is lovely to see so much of your lovely learning!
Please find our Home Learning for this week below.
I will also upload a short morning video on this page every morning to set the children up for their learning each day. There are some videos for the children to watch for each of the English lessons this week too. 
You can email me directly via Year2@loxwoodschool.com, sending me any photos of your home learning or any questions or worries that you may have, and I will respond to you as soon as I can. If you are happy for me to add your photos to this page please let me know and I will add to the gallery, so that the children can see each other and what they are getting up to!
Thank you and please stay safe.
Mrs Rolland 
Expectations for Home Learning
I just wanted to reassure you all that we know that remote learning is far from easy for children or you and that everyone's home circumstances are different. Many of you will be juggling laptops and ipads with each other and desperately trying to get your own work done too, or caring for younger siblings.
Although I am planning for learning to be completed each day, you will need to do what fits in with your home situation. The most important aspects to focus on would be reading (phonics if your child is sounding out words mostly when reading), a bit of maths where you can and some writing if you can squeeze it in (weekly if that works for you). It doesn't have to be exactly what I have planned at all, but it is there for you if you want it. Although I am more than happy to reply to emails daily, I don't want you to feel the pressure of sending work in every day as it could become a full time job for you!
Children are resilient in their learning and things will be revisited again, as that is how the Primary Curriculum works. The most important thing is your child's wellbeing and that means your wellbeing too!
Internet Safety
This may be even more important at this time. Use the resources below to remind your child of the rules that we have already learnt about at school.